About Us

The Arts of Soco is a small business from Colorado Springs, Colorado. We pride ourselves on the Lichtenburg fractal burn process. Electrical currents surge through the wood, creating the most beautiful and unique patterns. Colored resin may also be added for an amazing piece of art, whether fractal burned furniture or other items. Our custom fractal burned furniture is very popular. Custom woodworking and refinishing available. All custom orders are prioritized. Our furniture is available in the Colorado Springs area. Shipping furniture is not available when notated.

We also encourage you to try our spicy canned goods. Try the spiciest pickles you can imagine. The Jalapeno Pepper Pickle, Ghost Pepper Pickle, and the hottest pickles in the world, the Carolina Reaper Pickle. The Scorpion Pepper is also added to the Carolina Reaper pickles.

Our professional photographer has a history of commercial photography, real estate photography, landscapes, portrait photography including: senior portraits, family portraits and modeling portfolios. Prints can be made to order on paper, canvas, acrylic, or metal.

Please contact us at 719-373-2060 or artsofsoco719@gmail.com for your custom order ideas.